Silke Greiner - naturally gifted, extensively trained, highly experienced
"Silke is truly an extraordinary and gifted healer"

About Silke
I feel blessed to have found my calling in life:  the field of bodywork and healing. 
In 1996 I received my first Reiki attunement and started to give Reiki and massages to friends and family.  I began my formal massage training in the summer of 1998, first at Heartwood Institute in Northern California and later at Alive & Well in San Anselmo, CA.  I have been working and studying ever since. 
Grounded in a wealth of knowledge, I work intuitively and with careful attention to the whole of who you are.  From the very beginning I realized that the physical is just one aspect of bodywork.  In order to support you fully on your healing journey, I strive to simultaneously address energetic, cognitive, psychological, and spiritual facets as they arise. To me, bodywork at its finest is holistic and synergistic. 
When I am not working, studying, or teaching, I enjoy quality time with my beloved husband John.  I also love and find great grounding in nature, family, friends, meditation, yoga, chi kung, books, the preparation of nutritious meals, personal growth, and the beginner's mind of continuous learning.