Silke Greiner - naturally gifted, extensively trained, highly experienced
"She studies things at a deep, soul level, not just techniques"
Trainings and Certifications
I have a deep desire to accompany you on your healing journey.  In order to serve you best, I have been engaged in eighteen years of continuous study in the field of bodywork and healing, both on an academic level and hands-on.  I have additionally focused on my own personal growth through meditation, yoga, chi kung, bodywork, psychotherapy, and living life as present and conscious as I can.
Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)   -   Alive & Well, San Anselmo
140 hours
Chi Nei Tsang Advanced Practitioner (CNT) and Certified Instructor  -  Gilles Marin, Chi Nei Tsang Institute, Berkeley; Tiffiny Fyans, Mentorship Program, Oakland; Mantak Chia, Chi Center, Santa Cruz
1000+ hours
Craniosacral Therapy  -   Hugh Milne, Berkeley; Devon Wortz, Berkeley; Steve Schumacher, Louisville, KY
200 hours

Acupressure    -    Acupressure Institute, Berkeley
Jin Shin, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Table Thai, Reflexology, Chinese Medicine Theory
400 hours
Oncology Massage  -   Isabel Adkins, Massage Therapy Institute, Davis
115 hours
Continuous Education - Deep Tissue Massage (Art Riggs), Pregnancy Massage (Mariah Blackwolf), Lymphatic Massage (Patricia Wiltse), Sports Massage and Triggerpoint Therapy (Stan Nakahara), Advanced Release Techniques, Hips and Shoulders (David Weinstock), Carpal Tunnel Release (David Weinstock)...
200+ hours
Energy Medicine: 
Reiki Master   -   Peter Young and Francesca Fasano
30 hours
Master Certification in Intuition Medicine ® (MIM)   -   Francesca McCartney, Academy of Intuition Medicine®, Sausalito
800+ hours
Apprenticeship in Hungarian Mysticism   -   Ken Ludden, San Francisco
750 hours
Trauma Resolution: 
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner  -  Steven Hoskinson and Kathy Kain, Tiburon
Postgraduate classes: 
Peter Levine, Exploring the Ordinary Miracle of Healing, Esalen
Peter Levine, The Eye of the Needle: Work with Near Death States and Anesthesia States, Tiburon
Steven Hoskinson, Session and Supervision Intensive, San Diego
Twig Wheeler, Knowing Our Lines, Berkeley
Twig Wheeler, Practicing Our Lines, Berkeley
300+ hours
Spiritual Direction: 
Doctor of Theology (Emphasis: Spirituality and Holistic Health)
Holos University Graduate Seminary
Master of Theology (Emphasis: Spirituality and Holistic Health)
Holos University Graduate Seminary
Ordained Minister   
Holos University Graduate Seminary
Informally, I also brought my attention to nutrition, herbology, nonviolent communication (NVC), the Sedona method, yoga, chi kung, and exercise.