Silke Greiner - naturally gifted, extensively trained, highly experienced
"She was instrumental in walking me through a life-threatening illness."
Oncology Massage
Comfort-oriented massage and touch can safely be administered and appreciably enhance your healing process if you have been diagnosed with cancer, regardless of the severity of your condition.  Whether you are currently receiving treatment, are in the decision process about what your treatment will be, or have completed treatment for cancer, oncology massage can help build your health and restore your relationship with your body. 
I have studied oncology massage with Isabel Adkins, a leading expert in the field.  At its most basic, oncology massage addresses the needs of people who are dealing with cancer and/or its treatment.  The main focus is to enhance while "doing no harm".  By integrating gentle non-invasive Western and Eastern modalities of bodywork, I will address possible symptoms and side-effects of both treatments and disease, such as low blood counts, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, pain, neuropathy, weakness in the limbs, and GI tract disorders.  I will bring special attention to supporting your immune system and the internal organs as well as the psychological aspects of living with cancer.  The massage will be comfort-oriented and medical so that I can both nurture you and assist your healing process.
What is different about oncology massage?  In order to help you to the best of my abilities, I will prepare a massage plan to mitigate any issues you bring and to boost your body in reclaiming its health.  The pressure will be adjusted according to your needs and, should you have compromised lymph nodes, a special protocol will be followed to avoid causing lymphedema.  Some of the massage time will be spent on the feet (reflexology), on the abdomen (Chi Nei Tsang), and on various acupressure points related to your specific needs. 
I feel deeply drawn to working with people living with cancer.  It seems that much of my life  and many of my intensive trainings have prepared me for this important work.  You will be met with love, respect, and a recognition of who you are.  I very much look forward to working with you.