Silke Greiner - naturally gifted, extensively trained, highly experienced
"I’ve been to many massage therapists in my life, and Silke is by far the best.  Her combination of strength and nurturance in addition to her keen intuition, her fabulous skills, and the soothing environment in which she works create an excellent massage experience.  I particularly appreciate the energy work she integrates into the massage along with her insatiable appetite for continuing education, which means that she has a wide range of techniques from which to draw.  Silke listens to her clients’ words and to their bodies, choosing with exquisite care those modes of healing that would be most beneficial in the moment and then applying them expertly.  She is both warm and professional, and she has my highest recommendation."
M.T.B., Ph.D.
Counselor/Professor, Santa Rosa
"Silke is a goddess, with intuitive strength and the ability to push deep...more than that she's always adding to her trainings and bringing new techniques to the table.  In the seventeen years Silke has been working on my tissues, I've gone from stooping painfully after a two-hour drive to feeling good after two hours on a mountain bike.  It would be equally true to say that Silke's been supporting my emotional/spiritual processes as intelligent and compassionate a therapist as I've ever met.  The thing is, I used to think it was just my view - but over the years so many of my friends and family have had the same experience.  So all I can ask is, please leave a little of her time for my selfish purposes..."
Charles Kuhn
Engineer, Fairfax
"I have seen Silke for body work for several years. Silke is a healer in so many ways. It's not just the way she skillfully can read my body with her hands and respond with just the right kind of touch, it's her loving and gentle presence that can create an atmosphere of joy, ease and freedom. When I lay down on the table, I know that I am in good hands and can let go of my worries and the daily chatter in my head and just deeply relax. It becomes so easy to take in all the healing that she makes available. She is always learning some new mode of healing or bodywork. She studies things at a deep, soul level, not just techniques. This comes through in her work, which is very profound. I don't think I know half of what she is really generating while she works. I think her work is a calling for her, not a job or even a career.  When I first started to see her, I thought, this woman is like an angel! I could hardly believe she was real. She is so full of warmth and clarity!  But after many years, I can say, she is human.... a very special and rare one."
MFT, Novato
"Silke's skills as a healer and massage therapist are superb. She is an extraordinary person:  lovely, intuitive, highly intelligent, lyrical, sensitive, and passionate in her humanity and generosity, in what she knows, and her ability to apply it. I feel utterly blessed to know her, and I am certain that there is nothing more important than the time that I have with her in maintaining my overall health, happiness, and well-being."
Jan Sarvis
Piano Teacher, Fairfax
"My name is Ryan Murphy.  I am a 55 year old Real Estate Agent living in Fairfax CA.  For approximately 18 years it has been my great privilege to receive regular massages from Silke.  I have had perhaps 8 or 10 different people give me a massage at one time or another when either Silke or I was out of town.  Some were good, some so-so, but none ever compared to Silke.  She is truly an extraordinary and gifted healer.  I often describe her to others as the only Angel I have ever met.  I feel better just being in her presence, even before she begins to work her magic.  I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone and everyone.  You could not be in better hands."
Ryan Murphy
Real Estate Agent, Fairfax
"When I go to have a massage with Silke I lay on the table with total trust that her attention, touch, and spirit will envelop me and allow a tense body, mind, and spirit to melt and receive her gifts.  She is an expert, someone who loves what she does...she is a healer, pure and simple, and my body knows that for sure!  Don't even hesitate...!"
Diane Duchesne
RN, Fairfax
"I have been a regular client of Silke for many years.  She is an extremely skilled massage therapist and I would without hesitation highly recommend her.  Silke also offers a menu of other techniques which she is highly trained and skilled in.  Using these other skills, she was instrumental in walking me through a life-threatening illness.  Complimenting her diverse skills, Silke has an incredibly warm and loving heart which deeply adds to your overall experience.  Again, I would highly recommend her."
Richard Tierney
Business Executive, San Anselmo
"I was abused as a child and am generally wary of touch. Yet when Silke gives me a massage it is like being taken back to the time before I was born, a time when love and trust were unquestioned. I feel as if I am surrounded by such a deep love and knowing that I am being held by the Divine.  If a stored memory of the abuse does come up, Silke will hold the space and ask what I need, encouraging my voice to be heard and for me to trust that I know my body. Together we are reprogramming the negative beliefs and my body's memory cells that have held on to the pain for too many years. I am deeply grateful for Silke, her beautiful, gentle presence, and her willingness to walk with me toward healing."
Nonprofit Manager, San Rafael
"When I moved to Fairfax in 2004, my realtor told me that an angel lived in town.  Naturally, I was interested.  Then, when I was informed that the angel was a beautiful, talented, German masseuse I was beyond interested.  I booked a massage immediately.  I have been seeing Silke now for fourteen years, receiving therapeutic massage and speaking German.  I wanted to keep her all to myself, by my wife insisted that she visit the town's angel.  Then my daughter wanted to join in.  And now, my wife's friend is also being nurtured and healed by Silke.  Having lived in Europe for 25 years practicing law, I know the difference between massage and healing.  Silke is a healer.  Correction - an angelic healer."
Michael Bauernfeind
Lawyer, Fairfax
“Silke has magic hands and a wonderful presence. Her healing abilities are countless and incomparable. You will be pleasantly surprised, and compelled to return. She has great boundaries, communicates clearly with appointment reminders, and is punctual."
Claudia Six, PhD
Relationship Therapist, San Rafael
"My experience with Silke has been extraordinary. Over the past few years she has seen me through multiple health issues related to thyroid and hormonal imbalances in addition to chronic inflammation. Silke has been instrumental in my healing utilizing her multi-faceted knowledge in various forms of bodywork and alternative healing methods. Her depth of experience in these specialized areas together with her nurturing spirit create a powerful force for healing the human body, mind and spirit. Silke, thank you for all you have done for me. I feel so much better. You are amazing!"
Donna Gorman
"My time with Silke is essential to my health and wellbeing. She helped me through my shoulder surgery and continues to care for my chronic pain.   She loves her work and always seeks ways to improve her knowledge and skills.  Silke is truly a gifted healer."
RN MSN, Fairfax
"Silke has been my exclusive massage therapist since 2003 because she is highly skilled and passionate about her work. For me, the best massage is a collaboration where the therapist’s knowledge and intuition coincide with the client’s feedback. Silke provides a warm and loving environment that invites this exchange. Combined with great integrity and abilities that are second to none, I heartily recommend her services."
Kees Van Leeuwen
Contractor, San Anselmo
"Silke Greiner has been healing my body for the past ten years.  Since being hit by a bus in 1974, I have experienced chronic pain, and many attempts to adapt to that pain, both physically and psychologically.  With the purpose to ameliorating or at least having a symbiotic relationship to it, I have tried many modalities, including a six week stay at the Kentfield Chronic Pain Management Clinic.  I have never come close to meeting my goals until I began the healing process with Silke.  Instead of just remaining resigned to living daily with the pain, I can now honestly say that after working with this extraordinary healer my heart and spirit can once again integrate actively with my body.  The physical environment she has created, combined with her indescribable healing touch, heals me at both the physical and emotional level.  Silke is simply a miracle in my life.  I have shared the positive results of my experience with many friends and family members with their variety of ailments and conditions.  The feedback has been astonishing.  Silke literally changes people's lives."
Robin Thompson
Senior Care Giver, Bolinas
"Silke Greiner's skills in massage therapy and energy work blend her extensive hands-on experience with her wide-ranging study of techniques that support flourishing in every aspect of life - the physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual realms.  She brings her wealth of preparation to the session with the utmost compassion and respect for the "me" I bring with me on any given day.  She thrives in meeting me in the present moment to support my wholeness and healing in whatever ways I need.  Silke shows this level of aptitude with children clients as well. 
Silke's gifts in massage and energy work extend to teaching.  She happily teaches me and my daughter the energy skills we need to support our own balance and healing in between our sessions with her.  Her generosity with encouragement empower us to continue our growth.
There is a kind of gentleness in Silke's presence that invites deeply transformative acceptance of self, others, and life around us.  I recommend her services to friends and family whenever anyone's needs arise.  And the best part is how great it feels.  Healing and pleasurable comfort, not that's a deal!"
Religion Professor and Spiritual Director, San Rafael
"For the past seven years, I have received massage and energy work from Silke.  She holds an exquisite presence as she practices various modalities ~ I feel completely held, seen, and cared for as she releases long-held tension and pain in my body.  When uncomfortable memories surface, I feel comfortable sharing and releasing them as Silke holds space for my experience.  Silke is constantly educating herself and she brings knowledge and expertise to each bodywork session ~ from acupressure to Chinese belly massage, I have a wonderful ally for my body and spirit.  By the end of a session, I am completely relaxed and collected in my body.  Silke-day is a happy day!"
Fairfax, CA
"Silke's hands are like warm cashmere blankets caressing your skin.  The way she touches you reminds you of how you always wanted to be touched by everyone you love.  Her gentle manner and bright spirit is always a delight, and I leave her sessions with a smile that penetrates every cell of my body.  The only problem is that she's so popular, I can't always get an appointment when I want one.  Don't make an appointment!  You'll become a Silke addict, just like me!"
Lion Goodman
Evocateur, San Rafael
"Prior to receiving massage and energy work from Silke, I did not believe that bodywork could actually heal people.  Since then, her touch - both spiritual and physical - has taken me to another plane and reminded me how to find the calm at the center of myself.  She is a gentle soul and a true natural healer.  For an amazing experience I highly recommend Silke for massage and energy work."
S.  Travaille
Albany, CA
"I have been a client of Silke Greiner's for over 10 years, ever since my first massage on my 42nd birthday!  That is how I see each massage session with Silke: a gift to myself, physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Silke's strong yet gentle and caring hands intuitively know what I need every visit.  Silke's combination of gifts and skills make her uniquely able to address the multiple layers of body/spirit issues.  Because of my trust of her ability, I call her Dr. Silke.
A session with Silke, whether one time or over many years, is truly the best gift one can give or receive."
Minister and Nonprofit Director, San Rafael
"When I met Silke, after years of experiences with chiropractic-office massage therapists, my world of massage was transformed.  Silke is inherently a most uniquely gifted healer on many levels.  Added to this deep ground of love, compassion, and joy are the numerous studies she's embarked upon, expanding and transforming her natural abilities while offering her clients so much more than ordinary bodywork.  Silke will always be a blessing in my life."
San Rafael
"Count yourself lucky to get a massage from Silke; she's a treat."
Steven Finkbine
Acupuncturist, Fairfax
"Best massage therapy in Marin!  I just wish I had met Silke earlier."